100 Dead in Gwoza, Nigeria

Monday, August 11, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

ABUJA (Worthy News)-- After weeks of looting and wanton destruction in Nigeria's northeastern Borno state, Islamists from Boko Haram Wednesday had killed an estimated 100 people in and around the Christian town of Gwoza, according to Morning Star News.

After the military guarding Gwoza fled the scene, Islamists began killing men, women and children after taking uncontested control of a town of more than 275,000 people.

Pirda Tada, a resident of nearby Saha village, told Morning Star News that Haram gunmen rode on pickup trucks and motorcycles as they attacked houses with fuel-bombs and other home-made explosives.

"I thank God for sparing my life, but three of my neighbors and members of our church were killed during the attack," Tada said. "These Christians in our village had their throats slit with knives while their hands were tied behind their backs. Some houses were bombed as the Boko Haram gunmen were chanting, 'God is great!' in Arabic."

Six Christians were killed at Saha village as Islamists destroyed homes and shops and burned the Church of Christ in Nations building in Pegi Barawa village, Tada said.

Back on July 19, Haram Islamists had attacked Saha and Pegi Barawa villages killing six Christians.