Four Killed in Attack on Kenyan Church

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

LIKONI, KENYA (Worthy News)-- During Sunday morning service, two gunmen fired into the crowded congregation of Joy Jesus Church in Likoni, Kenya, killing two parishioners, according to International Christian Concern.

Another two parishioners later died from gunshot wounds while 17 others remain hospitalized, most in need of blood transfusions, according to the Kenyan Red Cross.

Likoni Police Chief Robert Mureithi told Reuters that the large amount of spent cartridges recovered from the scene indicated that the gunmen were armed with automatic weapons.

"This has all the indicators of a terrorist attack," said Mureithi, "because the attackers did not steal anything and appeared focused on killing."

After the shooting, the assailants also tried to attack the nearby Redeemed Gospel Church, but armed guards prevented them from gaining entry into the building.

Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the shooting, Kenya has endured many such attacks from the Somali-based Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab as it exacts Islamic revenge for Kenya's anti-terrorist operations in neighboring Somalia.

"The ruthless attack on a church, as men, women, and children were gathered simply to worship God, reveals the hatefulness and emptiness of the ideology that motivates these terrorist groups," said Todd Daniels, ICC Regional Manager for the Middle East. "The Kenyan military and security forces must continue their efforts to root out terrorist groups and provide protection to their civilians."