Afghanistan: Execute Converts to Christianity

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (Worthy News)-- A member of the Afghan Parliament recently recommended that Muslim converts to Christ be executed to stop the growth of Christianity among the Islamic nation's citizens both within Afghanistan's borders and abroad, according to Aleteia.

"The Afghan people continue to convert to Christianity in India," Nazir Ahmad Hanafi told the assembly. "This is an affront to the Islamic law and according to the Quran they have to be executed."

According to Fides, another member of the Afghan Parliament, Abdul Latif Pedram, said conversions to Christianity were caused by the continued presence of American forces in Afghanistan.

As a result, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, president of the Afghan Parliament, has condemned all proselytism in Afghanistan and ordered the National Committee for Safety to monitor any further Muslim conversions to Christianity.

The Islamic Council of Afghanistan had previously notified President Hamid Karzai about the growing number of Christian foreign workers and their increasing influence on the Islamic nation.