Another Christian Convert Tried in Iran

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

iran-christianTEHRAN, IRAN (Worthy News)-- A Christian convert was tried in July by Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Robat Karim.

Ebrahim Firouz was tried for attempting to launch a Christian website, contacting suspicious foreigners, running online church services and promoting Christian Zionism, according to Mohabat News.

Firouz was apprehended by four security officers in plainclothes who raided his workplace in March; they also confiscated his personal property that included books about Christianity.

After spending 53 days in custody, Firouzi was temporarily released from Evin Prison after posting $15,000 (USD) bail; he was later transferred back to Evin where he was subjected to ten days of intense interrogation.

In its annual report, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom revealed that Iran was one of the worst violators of religious freedom in the world; the report accused Iran frequently arresting and harassing religious minorities, thereby creating an atmosphere of terror amongst them.

Although the Iranian Constitution recognizes religious freedom and the rights of non-Islamic faiths, the Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't even observe its own laws, much less the international convention it signed to provide religious freedom to its own citizens.