Argentina “blacklist” of “anti-democratic” organization includes Christian organizations

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Evangelicals in Argentina have expressed alarm at a “blacklist” that appeared temporarily online of some 400 Argentinian individuals, churches and Christian organizations deemed “reactionary right” and “anti-democratic.”

Evangelical Focus reports. Including more than 70 evangelical churches, organizations and leaders, the list appeared for 24 hours on a website that shared photos and information about them, referring to them as “anti-rights” groups and people.

The publishers of the list claimed its purpose was to expose “evangelical and Catholic powers” that “are masked in secular organizations” and are intent on “obstructing the sexual and reproductive rights and fighting ‘gender ideology,’” EF reports.

Among those on the list were the Argentinian Evangelical Alliance, the Argentinian Baptist Theological Seminary, Youth With A Mission, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Ibero-American Congress for Family and Life, and the news website Evangélico Digital, a member of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance, EF said. Non-evangelical groups on the list included Doctors for Life and the Roman Catholic Episcopal Conference.

Although the list was online for just a day, the fact of its publication drew criticism and statements from main political parties and journalists as well as from Christian groups, EF reports.

In a statement about the list, on which he personally appeared, Pastor Hugo Márquez of the Baptist Confederation of Argentina said: “These behaviors come from authoritarian groups which do not accept the freedom of opinion but try to impose a single thought.”