Attacks Against Sudanese Civilians in Southern Sudan Overwhelm a Small Hospital in Nimule

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Operation Nehemiah
26 Feb. 2003

Sudanese civilians living in the Western Nile Region of Southern Sudan have been deliberately targeted and displaced by Islamic Government Forces and militia (see "U.S. condemns abuses against civilians in Sudan" Associated Press, 2/11/03). Many have fled to the town of Nimule, where Operation Nehemiah operates a newly acquired hospital.

Operation Nehemiah African Field Director, Michael Longwa and O.N. medical doctors, Dr. Godwin and Dr. Sindani called the U.S. office from Nimule, where they were delivering $4,000 in donated medicine to the hospital. They expressed an urgent of the need. O. N.'s hospital now serves a population that has swelled to almost a million displaced South Sudanese. This hospital is the only health facility in the area. All other medical relief organizations have pulled out. Nimule hospital is empty - with almost no medicine or equipment. "People are dying to our left and right. The amount of medicine that we have brought in is just a drop in the bucket." Stated Mr. Longwa.

Tomorrow morning they will be treating as many patients as possible and consult with the Magwi County Commissioner, Mr. Emilio Iga regarding the overwhelming need of the people in Nimule and the role to be undertaken by Operation Nehemiah Missions in taking over the hospital. Operation Nehemiah is being expected to assume the greater role in advancing its medical mission in Nimule.

Two vehicles left by another relief organization are in very bad shape. They barely run, and they need new tires and new car seats. Now the challenge is to Operation Nehemiah to make those vehicles operational. Operation Nehemiah plans to deliver a recently purchased mobile medical unit to the region this spring, but the funds required to ship it across the Mediterranean and East Africa have yet to be raised. "I challenge you, my brothers and sisters, to pause and pray for what you can do to help Operation Nehemiah serve the people of Nimule. Hebrews 13:3.", states Operation Nehemiah President, William Levi.

The nation's 20-year-old civil war, entangling government troops and the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Army, has killed an estimated 2 million people -- mainly through war-induced famine -- and forced another 4 million to flee their homes.