Bible school vandalized in India

Monday, August 27, 2001

Vandals recently broke into the office of a Bible school in India, tied up the schools' cook, and destroyed the office.

The vandals seem to have thoroughly planned their attack. The school is housed in two buildings, and both buildings were ransacked at the same time. About thirty-five people live at the training center.

Normally, the faculty and students rise at 5:00 am for daily prayer and intercession. That morning, no one rose to discover the damage until 7:30 am. The event has not been reported to the authorities. In such cases, the police tend to side with the attackers, who make wild accusations that could endanger the status of the school. Already, the school has been forced to move nine times and recently moved to this present location. They cannot afford to move again.

Pray for physical, spiritual, and emotional protection for everyone connected with the school, that God will encourage them, and that they will not become discouraged and fainthearted in the face of much spiritual opposition. Also pray that God will cause the enemy's opposition to backfire against him, that God will use this incident to further His purposes in India.