Bishop: Egyptian Christians Live in Fear as Brotherhood Attacks Continue

Monday, August 26, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

CAIRO, EGYPT (Worthy News)-- Bishop Joannes Zakaria said that although Christians in Egypt are running out of food, they're afraid to leave their homes because of the incessant attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Catholic News Agency.

Speaking from Luxor, Zakaria told the Fides News Agency that he too was confined to his quarters after Brotherhood members attacked last week; now two armored cars stand as sentinels shielding his building, but other Christian dwellings have been razed to the ground as the Brotherhood continues to call for their deaths.

"Because of security, we canceled the celebrations of the Assumption, which we commemorated on August 22, not August 15," Zakaria said. "I myself have been at the bishop’s residence for 20 days now -- security officers have advised me not to leave."

Zakaria said the Brotherhood's campaign of revenge against Christians in response to last month's ousting of Egyptian President Morsi is senseless.

"It is true that Christians took part in some demonstrations against him, but there were 30 million Egyptians, most of whom were Muslim, who protested against the deposed president," he said. "By attacking Christians, they want to send Egypt into chaos."

To date, the recent violence in Egypt has claimed 1,000 lives with thousands more injured.