Bomb Hits Christian School in Southern Sudan

Sunday, March 26, 2000

Christian Activist And Educator, Dr. Paul D. Lindstrom, Asks Christians In The United States To Call For "Total U.S. Sanctions" Against Islamic Government In Khartoum And Accuses This Government Of "Genocide" Against Black Africans

By Dan Wooding

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (March 26, 2000) - A Christian school in Southern Sudan was attacked on Thursday, March 23, by the Islamic-led government forces of Sudan and numerous injuries were inflicted to students and their parents.

According to eyewitnesses, a Russian-made MU2 Antonov aircraft, with Sudanese government markings, made six bombing runs over the grounds of the Christian Liberty Academy of Southern Sudan in Western Equatoria, dropping one or two 250 lb. shrapnel bombs at a time. Amazingly, there were not fatalities.

Over 100 high school age students from the Moru tribe are enrolled in the recently completed boarding school facility, which is being sponsored and financed by the Christian Liberty Academy of Arlington Heights, Illinois, a 910-student school on the edge of Chicago. Students, parents, and others were making final preparations at the school when the attack came.

Following the bombing, Dr. Paul D. Lindstrom, a Christian activist and educator and Superintendent of the Christian Liberty Academy education system, which has schools in Russia, Surinam, South Africa and elsewhere, has called for "total U.S. sanctions" against the Islamic government in Khartoum.


"We are outraged by the continuing persecution of black Christians, moderate Muslims, animists, and other non-Muslims in Southern Sudan by the military regime in Khartoum who controls the Sudanese government," he said. "It is accurate to say that the government of Sudan is engaged in genocide, especially against the black African Sudanese. And the silence of the U.S. government to all of this is deafening.

"I am calling on Christians across America, as well as our tens of thousands of Christian Liberty home schooling families in all 50 states, to immediately contact their Senators and Representatives in Congress. We want total U.S. sanctions against Sudan and the providing of military arms to the South.

"This is not a political issue for us. Rather, it concerns the saving of children's lives and education. If the Sudanese government has bombed us once they will do it again. Why is the U.S. assisting Muslims in Kosovo, Bosnia, and elsewhere, including the providing of military aid, and yet forsaking Christians in Southern Sudan? The ten-year reign of Sudan government terror must cease!"

Dr. Lindstrom said that a Christian Liberty staff member would be leaving for Southern Sudan on Tuesday, March 28, to access damages and help in the rebuilding process.


Dr. Paul D. Lindstrom is recognized as one of the pioneers of the home school movement and serves as Superintendent of Schools of the Christian Liberty Academy Satellite Schools (CLASS) system. Many know him best as the Chairman of the "Remember the Pueblo Committee" for his international efforts to secure the release of missionaries, POW's and MIA's in South East Asia.

Through the efforts of the "Help For Those without Hope Committee," founded by Lindstrom, hundreds of illegally imprisoned American citizens in Communist captivity have been helped and many prisoners in China, Cuba, North Korea, Ethiopia, and the Soviet Union, have been released.

Dr. Lindstrom founded the nationally acclaimed Christian Liberty Academy (K-12 grades) in 1968, and began to organize the home school movement in 1969. He has helped in the organizing of Christian schools around the world, been a spokesman at government hearings, given expert testimony in court cases, and has been widely interviewed by the media in the United States.

There are now over 60,000 students in 50 states and 56 foreign countries who are associated with Christian Liberty Academy's education program (independent and non-denominational). Since its founding, over 250,000 students have been educated under the Academy's tutelage via its on-campus and home school outreach. It is estimated that over two million students are now engaged in home schooling in the United States.