China: Evangelist detained for trying share Gospel with Xi Jinping

Monday, March 7, 2022

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) -
A Christian woman in China has again been put in detention for trying to share the Gospel with the leader of China’s ruling communist party, President Xi Jinping, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Evangelist Zhou Jinxia has tried repeatedly to share her faith with the communist leader and has been jailed on previous occasions for her efforts.

Originally from Dalian, Zhou has lived in Fengtai district’s Xiaobailou village in Beijing since 2020, ICC said. On February 20 this year, Zhou traveled to the headquarters of the Communist Party of China and the State Council of China in Beijing, and held up a sign calling on Xi Jinping to believe in Jesus, ICC said.

Zhou was arrested and brought back to Dalian where, on February 21, police charged her with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” ICC said.

Zhou has reportedly tried to share the Gospel with Xi Jinping over 50 times, ICC said. In March 2015, she was detained for ten days because of it. She was further detained in March 2016 and March 2018 on the same charges. She has been repeatedly harassed by local authorities and police, and has had her house demolished on account of her evangelizing.

China ranks 17 on the US Open Doors Watch List 2022 of the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted. The Chinese Communist regime considers Christianity to be a threat to its authority and actively works to suppress it.