Chinese Pastor and Spouse Detained en route to Public Trial

Sunday, September 26, 2010

By Joseph C. DeCaro

HENAN, China (Worthy News)-- Before they could attend the trial of house church Christians Liu Yunhua and Gao Jianli, Pastor Zhang "Bike" Mingxuan and his wife were detained by the Public Security Bureau.

Chairman of the China House Church Alliance, Mingxuan is known for biking across the countryside in his ministry to strengthen house church parishoners: for his efforts, Mingxuan was detained, arrested, and interrogated numerous times during the past decade. However, when Pastor "Bike" and his wife arrived at court to watch the proceedings, they were detained by the local PSB of Xuchang City, only to be released after the hearing was over.

Other Christians who came to attend were detained by the BSP as they returned to their homes: there is yet no record of release for Liu Fulan, Hua Cuiying, Li Yuxia, Ma Keai, and Liu Sen, the son of defendant Yunhua.

ChinaAid urges the local Xuchang government to respect Pastor Mingxuan and his wife's rights as citizens, and calls on the Yucheng government to release the house church members who are still being detained. Christians worldwide are asked to join in prayer for their protection and encouragement.