Chinese Christians Block Church Destruction

Friday, April 25, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

WENZHOU, CHINA (Worthy News)-- Thousands of Chinese Christians in Wenzhou have once again formed a blockade to prevent the Communist government from demolishing the Sanjiang Christian Church, according to International Christian Concern.

The blockade comes only two weeks after a previous standoff when local authorities finally agreed to leave the church be. But ICC sources now report that the government has decided to remove the cross from the church roof, use the first floor for public parking and turn the second floor into a public library, leaving only the third floor available for worship!

As thousands of Christians gathered overnight to protect the newly-constructed church, social media sites quickly posted news about the new blockade while they still had access to the Internet.

"Thousands of brave men and women are risking their lives and welfare to protect the symbol of their faith from a government that is all too willing to breach every rule of international conduct in its suppression of religious minorities," said Ryan Morgan, ICC's Regional Manager for East Asia. "If the international spotlight is taken away now, then these thousands of bold blockaders will be left alone in the dark as police and bulldozers attempt to turn their place of worship into a parking lot."

ChinaAid reported that seven additional churches in Zhejiang Province were also facing "demolition or rectification" orders. In 2000, hundreds of churches were demolished across the province in a massive Communist crackdown on religious minorities.