Christian workers in China witness "holy moment" as North Korean is baptized

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

(Worthy News) - A North Korean believer who escaped the hermit kingdom two years ago was recently baptized in the name of Jesus across the border in China, in a secret ceremony onlookers described as a "holy moment."

According to Open Doors USA workers in China, a woman named Bon-Hwa who crossed the border from North Korea and has been attending their Women to Women secret meetings recently "wanted to be baptized so badly that she couldn't wait any longer."

The Christians decided to travel to a remote location that "took many hours to reach" where Bon-Hwa could be baptized in a secret living room ceremony.

"I had to contain myself and focus on the steps of the ceremony," one Open Doors leader who witnessed the event said. "Or else, I would have cried loudly myself. It was such a beautiful moment and such a privilege to baptize a North Korean believer in these circumstances."

Open Doors workers said that Bon-Hwa has since memorized Romans 8 and all of Psalm 119, and that the young woman wept during the ceremony.

North Korea placed as the number one persecutor of Christians in the world on Open Doors USA's 2020 World Watch List for the nineteenth consecutive year, though "a massive underground church of 200-400,000 Christians is growing in North Korea" in the shadow of the brutal dictatorship, according to the watchdog group.