Colombia: Lord's Ministry Grows Amid Diabolical War

Sunday, November 18, 2001

"The work of the Lord is growing beautifully in the midst of a ferocious and diabolical war that affects our country," reports a Colombian missionary leader.

"Things seem to become worse with each passing day as we are surrounded by tense and unstable political situations. Guerrillas, kidnappings, vengeance, death and extortion are daily occurrences that we face in our missionary fields.

"We walk in the midst of great fear caused by Satan's furious ocean of evil, but we persevere in prayer as we beg God for the liberation of our nation and His protection as we continue working in these dangerous and difficult regions. I am not able to move about with the same freedom as before."

Despite the restrictions, the leader recently baptized seven new believers in one place, and gospel workers are planting a new church in another place.

"This is a very dangerous town from which the mayor and police had to flee," the leader said. "It is a lawless region, but the Lord has raised up a young man from one of our churches who has begun house-to-house evangelism there. He has started Sunday worship meetings and 16 adults and 25 children are already coming to learn and worship."

Since there is no chapel there, the worshipers meet in a different home every Sunday. The worker there also walks three hours from his home daily in order to visit the believers and seekers. The mission plans to buy the worker a bicycle, purchase property and build a simple structure as soon as it has the funds. For more information, contact and put MI-348 201-VOC on the subject line.