Couple Flees Syria After Threats For Converting To Christianity

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

(Worthy News) - A woman who left Islam for faith in Christ and her Christian husband have fled Syria after police violence and threats from Muslim family members, friends, confirmed to Worthy News.

In comments obtained through a Christian charity, the couple, former Muslim Rama and Joseph, requested prayers ahead of a Wednesday interview about their resettlement.

Both were only identified by first names amid security concerns such as possible death threats.

Like Syria, the undisclosed country where they are staying now does not recognize marriage between a woman considered legally Muslim and a non-Muslim man, sources involved in the case said.

Under the strict interpretation of Islam upheld by several nations, it is forbidden to convert to other religions or faiths such as Christianity and marry a non-Muslim.

“Therefore, the couple applied for resettlement,” confirmed Middle East Concern (MEC), an advocacy group supporting the couple.

The couple recently fled their native Syria after Rama’s Muslim family complained to police that she converted to Christianity and married Joseph, a Christian, Worthy News learned.

The police officer “beat Joseph and warned him to stay away from her,” according to MEC sources.

In remarks shared with Worthy News, Rama and Joseph asked fellow Christians to pray for “God’s peace during the resettlement interview” and patience to await the outcome.”

They hope they will be allowed to move to a country where their marriage is recognized and the Christian faith protected to start a family. But the two Christians also “pray to trust God and his timing completely.”

Rama and Joseph’s situation underscored mounting concerns within churches about as many as millions of Christian converts in Muslim nations facing persecution due to their faith.