Courageous Christians Imprisoned for 15 Days (China)

Friday, August 24, 2001

Courageous Christians Imprisoned for 15 Days (China)

The Voice of the Martyrs rejoiced to learn yesterday that Chinese Christian “Sister Tong” has been released from prison following a 15 day prison sentence. A VOM worker in the area was able to pass financial support and encouragement to her.

Sister Tong was arrested on June 10th at an unregistered house church meeting in Guangdong Province and sentenced to 15 days in prison. No others were taken at that time. A Christian brother close to the situation said that Sister Tong is a faithful sister who has been arrested many times and that she is not afraid of being in prison. She never pays the fines levied against her.

In another incident, “Brother Wong”, a leading Christian in Guangxi Province, was arrested on Friday night, June 22 and also sentenced to 15 days in prison because of his activities with the unregistered church. He has yet to be released but it is hoped that he may be released on the 8th or 9th of this month.

Remember this dear brother and sister in prayer as they courageously stand for Christ.

Voice of the Martyrs. Used with Permission.