Danforth appointment marks positive step on Sudan

Saturday, August 3, 2002

Danforth appointment marks positive step on Sudan

The appointment of former Senator John Danforth as special envoy to Sudan could result in positive action, according to The Voice of the Martyrs, a ministry organization focussed on serving the persecuted church.

"We applaud President Bush's concern for the suffering in South Sudan, and we welcome Senator Danforth's future efforts on behalf of Sudanese Christians," said Tom White, executive director of VOM. "We expect that Senator Danforth's high profile will draw further attention to the plight of persecuted Christians and others in South Sudan."

At the Rose Garden ceremony announcing Danforth's appointment on Thursday, President George W. Bush said, "It's important to this administration. It's important to the world to bring some sanity to the Sudan."

In October, VOM will mark five years of active service in Sudan. During that time, the organization has delivered millions of dollars worth of humanitarian and food aid to Sudanese people affected by war, persecution and famine.

VOM is ready and willing to assist Senator Danforth in finding the truth about Christian persecution in Sudan, according to White and VOM Director of News Services Gary Lane.

"We invite Special Envoy Danforth to meet some victims of persecution first hand at the hospital VOM operates in South Sudan, and at the nearby camps for displaced persons," said Lane, who has been to Sudan 11 times. "By listening to the victims, he will be able to get an accurate picture of the depth of the tragedy in Sudan."

"Many Sudanese told me to urge President Bush and his administration to do everything in their power to stop the oil," said Lane, who was most recently in Sudan last month. "Oil money is fueling additional bombings and attacks on the people of South Sudan."

The Voice of the Martyrs will recap its five years of work in Sudan in its October newsletter, which is available free to anyone who requests it at www.persecution.com .

Voice of the Martyrs. Used with Permission.