Egypt Sentences Muslim to Death in Killings of Christians

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CAIRO, Egypt (Worthy News)-- An Egyptian court sentenced a Muslim to death for killing six Christians along with a Muslim guarding their church in a drive-by shooting more than a year ago.

Mohamed Ahmed Hassanein, aka Hamam el-Kamouny, was convicted for the "premeditated murder" of the seven who were killed last January, as well as the "attempted murder" of nine others he wounded.

To date, the court has not ruled in the case of two other defendants who stand accused of assisting Hassanein.

Although Egypt's Muslim majority and Christian minority once coexisted, the recent rise in Islamic religious fervor in Egypt and has severly strained their relations.

Although there are no official stats on the number of Christians in Egypt, it is thought they comprise about 10 percent of the population.