Falsely accused Christians in India spread gospel to prisoners

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Three Christians accused of forced conversion in India spent two months in prison despite police failing to find evidence of wrongdoing, but the unjust incarceration became an opportunity for the gospel.

Pastors Ajay Kumar and Om Prakash, who together lead Sharon Fellowship Church in Mohammadabad, were visiting friend Kapil Dev Ram in Daraura village on Nov. 26 when a mob of Hindu radicals interrupted their worship and later pressured police to put the men in prison.

“Every night was a traumatic night for us,” Pastor Kumar explained to Morning Star News. “We did not know when a mob would wake us in the middle of the night and torment us.”

Despite the difficulties, Pastor Om Prakash was able to find opportunity to witness to a very tormented fellow prisoner.

“He will go crazy and die in the prison, I was told,” Prakash explained of the man, who was totally unable to sleep at night. “One day he broke and began to confess his sins in prayer; he started to get sleep at nights.”

The man rebuked the other prisoners when they began to harass him too for joining with the Christians.

"When I was upset, nobody helped me. It was Ajay who told me about Christ and comforted me,’” he told them.

The day of the pastors' release, the man, who had once been a very influential prisoner, told them that he had decided to follow Christ as a result of their love.

"I was full of joy," Pastor Prakash said.

India has risen to number 10 on Open Doors USA's World Watch List for persecution of Christians, despite religious freedom being guaranteed by its constitution.