Five more believers in Nepal were jailed briefly and released

Thursday, March 27, 2003

March 27, 2003

Charlottesville, VA (Christian Aid) -- As reported in the March 12 issue of Missions Insider three Christian workers were arrested in western Nepal in late February on suspicion of engaging in illegal religious activity simply because Bibles and Christian literature were found in their bags. Now Christian Aid has learned that five more Christians who went to visit the jailed brothers were similarly arrested.

After they had visited the three brothers in jail, they were returning to their homes when police stopped them and checked their bags. There they found Bibles and Christian literature and put them in jail, also. One of them is a church planter; another is the wife of one of the brothers who was jailed in February, and three are believers in a local assembly. Groups had already visited the jailed brothers five different times, but this time the police detained the visitors.

Nepali mission leaders credit the prayers of the saints that the five were released the next day. Meanwhile, hearing for the first three jailed is reportedly scheduled for March 27 or 28. Though the men were doing nothing illegal, authorities have produced one (false) witness who claims they were preaching Christianity and passing out tracts.

Please pray for the jailed brethren that their needs will be supplied, that they will remain faithful, and that in God’s time they will be released unharmed with strengthened resolve. To learn how you can support this ministry, write and put MI-412 702-GOC on the subject line.