Gospel for Asia Church in India Under Attack

Monday, August 25, 2003

Villagers Threaten To Beat GFA Missionary, Drive Believers Out Of Village

By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

JHARKHAND, INDIA (ANS) -- A Gospel for Asia church of 51 believers in Jharkhand, India, is under attack as anti-Christian leaders meet to decide its fate.

Many in the village have expressed their desire to beat GFA missionary Babuser and the new believers, steal their land and other belongings, and ultimately drive them out of the village.

"As the village meeting continues, they are pressuring leaders to inflict maximum harm on these believers. Village leaders have already made at least one decision: The Christians must pay a fee to even meet together for church. GFA missionaries from other villages have traveled there to encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ," said GFA's John Schwartz."

"This persecution follows a mighty move of God. By God’s grace, three influential families in the village very recently received Christ! Even as the lives of the Christians in this village are in danger, they ask us to pray they will stand strong in the faith and see the ministry grow. They also request prayer that those opposing the Gospel will be touched by the love of Christ," Schwartz said.