Hindu Villagers Attack Christian Mourners

Monday, April 30, 2012

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

NEW DELHI, INDIA (Worthy News)-- Hindus who tried to stop the burial of a Christian convert last week in Chattisgar state beat a pastor and other Christians, including children and the elderly, according to Compass News.

When more than 40 Christians at the house of Jaikant Pawar, 31, of Balgal village, were taking his body out for burial, hundreds of Hindu villagers suddenly surrounded the house shouting anti-Christian slogans.

"They slapped, kicked and beat us with their fists and slippers," said a Christian leader. "The extremists threatened to kill us and challenged us to bring life back to the dead body of Pawar."

The leader said that after Christians fled and hid in their homes, they were forcefully dragged out by the mob; 10 Christians received medical treatment in an attack that lasted more than six hours.

Later that night, some Hindus threatened the Christians with death if they didn't remove Pawar's body from the village, but when they carried him to the Bande police station, the police were unwilling to register a First Information Report.

After pressure from area Christian leaders and the Evangelical Fellowship of India, officials summoned the attackers and warned them not to disturb the Christians again; eventually Pawar's body was allowed to be buried in Balgal.

Pawar and his wife converted to Christianity three years ago, remaining faithful in spite of being ostracized by their family and friends.

A church leader said Pawar firmly believed in Christ even while his relatives and the villagers warned him to leave the faith, said a church leader.

Pawar once said, "Jesus gives me peace, so I cannot leave Him."