Hindus fail to stop prayer meeting

Monday, December 5, 2011

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

india mapHUBLI, INDIA (Worthy News)-- More than 30,000 Christians recently took part in a prayer meeting in Hubli, Karnataka despite efforts by pro-Hindu groups to disrupt them.

Although Hindus blocked roads with burning tires and pelted cars with stones to discourage attendance, the "Jesus Christ Festival of Blessings" was still held Nov. 25-27 at the Chelli Railway Colony ground in Hubli.

During the festival, a meeting was held between Hindu and Christian leaders who promised not to "belittle the Hindu religion nor attempt conversions, while Hindu leaders agreed to end their protests," according to Pastor Cedrik Jacob, executive secretary of the Christian Minority Association of Hubli- Dharavad that organized the festival.

"Their antics attracted more people to the prayer meeting," said Jacob. "On the first day there were around 25,000 people, on the second nearly 30,000 and on the final day more than 30,000 people were here."