"Hit List" Of Christian Evangelists On Hindu Extremist Website

Monday, July 9, 2001

INDIA - (Compass, July 9, 2001) - A militant Hindu hate website displaying the names of international evangelists, secular and Christian scholars from India, and other “enemies of Hinduism” on its “hit-list” was back on-line after it was salvaged by a radical Jewish organization in Brooklyn, New York. The website calls on militant Hindus to commit violence against the men and women listed.

Earlier in June, its service provider, Addr.com of Greenwood Village, Colorado, had pulled the plug on “hinduunity.org” after receiving complaints that it instigated violence and hatred towards Muslims and Christians.

The Hatikva Jewish Identity Center intervened and helped put the website back on the Internet. The Hindu website is advertised as the official site of the Bajrang Dal, the militant wing of the Sangh Parivar (Pro-Hindu Family) whose members have been accused of the gruesome January 1999 killing of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two young sons in India.

The website’s hit-list page (hinduunity.org/hitlist.html) opens with an image of lynching and goes on to display a graphic of blood dripping below the caption, “Enemies of Hindutva Exposed.”

It then lists well-known evangelists like Benny Hinn, who is described as “a Baptist evangelist who goes to countries around the world, especially those with large Hindu populations and preaches about ‘the evil of Hindus and Hinduism.’” It goes on to exhort all self-respecting Hindu soldiers “to stop his gathering by all means possible.”

Pat Robertson “cannot be forgiven nor can his speeches be forgotten. He is truly a devil out to destroy something as pure as Hinduism,” the site says.

Even a highly respected secular Indian historian is not spared. Romila Thapar is mentioned for her “crime” of “distorting the true history of India.”

Fr. Vincent Kunudukulam’s “crime,” according to the site, is his doctoral dissertation from Paris’s Sorbonne University: “RSS—Enthe? Engott?” (What is RSS? Where is it headed?). This priest from the St. Thomas Pontifical Seminary in Kerala is called “scum of the earth (who) needs an attitude adjustment.”

The Jewish extremists who resurrected the site are followers of Rabbi David Kahane, the assassinated Israeli politician whose teachings advocated the expulsion of all Arabs from Israel, most of whom are Muslim. Their headquarters in Brooklyn was raided in January by the FBI. The Kahane Jews believe that all Jews belong in Israel, making any Jew in the United States a temporary resident.

Their website (kahane.org) also has hinduunity.org on its list of “Friendly Websites.”

Meanwhile, there is growing concern over the alliance between the militant Hindus and radical Jews whose common hatred of Muslims bring them together. Some of the Hindus are reported to have marched alongside the radical Jews in the annual “Salute to Israel” parade on New York’s Fifth Avenue in May. In June, the radical Jewish organization reciprocated by joining a protest outside the United Nations against the treatment of Hindus in Afghanistan.

Copyright 2001, Compass News Direct. Used with Permission.