Iran Threatens Imprisoned Pastor

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News)-- Iranian authorities have been threatening to hold an imprisoned American-Iranian pastor in prison indefinitely, according to Morning Star News.

Authorities are pressuring Pastor Saeed Abedini with new charges while at the same time promising his freedom should Abedini abandon his faith in Christ and convert back to Islam, according to Tiffany Barrans, international director at the American Center for Law and Justice.

Barrans said that though the pressure on Abedini comes and goes, this latest ill treatment may be related to the ongoing international efforts to limit Iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons.

"There's just been an increased amount of activity and tension and threats and singling out of Saeed as an American in the prison since the framework agreement was reached between the countries," said Barrans. "These nuclear negotiations have dramatically complicated the situation – as much as our government insists that he is not a political pawn and that they will not allow him to be used as a political pawn."

Barrans said that if the U.S. government leaves the negotiations without obtaining Abedini's freedom, his release will prove even more difficult.

This September will be Abedini's third year in prison. According to Iranian law, most criminal offenders can apply for clemency, or parole after serving one-third of their sentence.

Abedini’s family is currently filing for clemency, but to date their efforts have proved futile.