Iranian Christian Temporary Freed After Posting $15,000 Bail

Friday, January 21, 2011

TEHRAN, Iran (Worthy News)-- An Iranian Christian by name of Reza T. was temporarily freed from prison after posting a $15,000 bail, Worthy News has learned.

Reza T. hosts church gatherings in his home in Karaj, about 20 km from the capital city of Tehran. Iranian security forces arrested all 14 members of this church during a fellowship and prayer gathering. The security forces seized several Bibles and other Christian materials.

The other 13 members of the church were released after one night of intense interrogation on the condition that they would not take part in any other Christian activities.

The Ministry of Information retained Reza T. for another month of imprisonment and interrogation. He was temporarily released, pending the results of his trial on December 29, 2010 according to Mohabat News.

This is one of a series of arrests of Iranian Christians the Iranian security forces made in 2010.