ISIS Militants Booby-trap Christian Homes

Thursday, November 13, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro

A Christian who fled his village in northern Iraq claimed that ISIS jihadists are placing explosives in Christian homes just in case they decide to return, according to the Christian Post.

Ayad from Tel Keppe -- a village just outside of the city of Mosul -- said Christians are eager to return to their homes after Kurdish forces told refugees that their villages have been liberated. But one man who returned to Tel Keppe was killed by an explosion as as he opened the door to his dwelling.

Ayad said ISIS had also mined the road from Tel Esqof to Tel Keppe with explosives, making the journey back to his village hazardous.

During the seizure of Tel Keppe, Ayad said that even before ISIS entered it, many of his Muslim neighbors had betrayed the village's Christians.

"The Arabs who were living in the province are the ones who took over the village at 9 p.m; then ISIS forces entered the province and occupied it at 10:30 p.m. When the local Arabs took over the city, they put the black ribbons around their heads and started shouting slogans supporting ISIS."

Ayad said that the first thing ISIS jihadists did was to remove the crosses from the village church and replace them with black flags; they then turned the church into an ISIS headquarters.