Jailed Blasphemer Moved Far From Her Home

Thursday, July 4, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (Worthy News)-- A Christian mother of five who was sentenced to death for blasphemy was suddenly moved from Sheikhupura District Jail to Multan Jail last month without any prior notice from Punjab prison authorities, according to the Pakistan Christian Post.

The City of Multan is hundreds of miles away from Sheikhupura, the home town of Asia Bibi, and her sudden transfer has become an obstacle to any visits from her children and husband.

Nazir S. Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress, had his own concerns about moving Bibi to Multan prison.

The PCC has already expressed concerns about the safety and security of Asia Bibi in Sheikupura Jail, but suddenly shifting her to Multan jail is a very serious issue, he said.

Bhatti feared that Bibi will face additional threats to her person in Multan Jail as well as being forced to convert to Islam after Islamic literature was found in her cell, according to the Post.

Prison authorities claimed the literature was put there to help teach Bibi, who is illiterate, how to read.

Bibi was first arrested for blasphemy under Section 295 B and C of the Pakistan Penal Code after she was accused of rendering drinking water unclean for her Muslim co-workers in Ittan Wali village. In the ensuing argument over defiling their water, Bibi's co-workers also accused her of defiling their Prophet, thereby committing blasphemy.

Bibi was sentenced to death by hanging in November 2010 while she was imprisoned in the Sheikhupura District Jail; since then, Bibi has filed a petition to the Lahore High Court concerning both her conviction and pending death sentence.