Jailed Iranian Christian Firouzi To Be Released’

Friday, February 19, 2021

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

(Worthy News) - Iranian Christian Ebrahim Firouzi who spent years in prison after abandoning Islam and was recently jailed, could be released this weekend, Christians told Worthy News.

His latest difficulties began in early February when he released six videos about the persecution he said he faces in forced exile. “Even his brother, who is not a Christian, was experiencing harassment because of Ebrahim's faith,” said advocacy group Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC).

As a result of these videos, the 33-year-old Christian convert was charged February 8 with "propaganda against the Islamic Republic in favor of hostile groups" and moved to Chabahar Prison,” VOMC added.

To protest the new charges, he reportedly started a hunger strike on February 13, saying he would not eat until the new charges were dropped.

Shortly after, two intelligence agents visited him and pledged that the case would be "dealt with," and he ended his protest, according to Christians familiar with his situation.

VOMC cited local sources as saying that “he is due to be released from prison by the end of this week.”

It would end another turbulent period in the believer’s life. After being released from prison in October 2020, Firouzi began serving a two-year forced exile in another part of the country.

He had been detained since 2013 when he was charged over his attempt to launch a Christian website, making contact with “suspicious foreigners,” and running online church services.

The Christian was initially to receive a one-year sentence with a two-year exile to Sarbaz, but a new case was opened against him in 2015. It would take five more years before he was released.

VOMC said it to “praise God” for “this quick and positive outcome to Ebrahim's most recent imprisonment.” It urged supporters to “pray that the authorities” of the strict Islamic nation” will follow through by releasing him from prison and cease the harassment of his family.”

It also asked for prayers for his release from exile. VOMC said it hopes that “Ebrahim's enduring faith in Christ continues to be a testimony to those around him and, as a result of the international exposure his case is receiving, in many other parts of the world as well.”

The Christian is among a growing group of former Muslims and other devoted Christians facing a reported government crackdown in Iran.

Christians, including converts from Islam, often gather in underground ‘house churches,’ risking long prison terms and even execution in the Islamic republic.