Kenya: Islamists Likely Killed Pastor

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

MOMBASA, KENYA (Worthy News)-- Suspected Islamists most likely killed a pastor in Mombasa, Kenya last week for sharing his faith near a mosque, sources told Morning Star News.

Leaders at the Masjid Musa Mosque -- who were already suspected of training jihadists -- may have been involved in the murder of 59-year-old Lawrence Kazungu Kadenge, an assistant pastor of the Glory of God Ministries Church.

Authorities had raided the Musa Mosque the day Kadenge was later killed; some Christians suspect that militant Muslims were incensed at Kadenge for daring to preach near their mosque and for informing the authorities about extremist activities going on there.

Police said that after they received gunfire coming from the mosque, they returned fire and then used tear gas in response.

Mombasa police official Henry Ondieki reportedly said that Muslim youths had distributed leaflets about jihad at the mosque, which was long suspected of being a recruitment site for terrorist organizations.

"This is not a mosque for prayers, but a base for recruiting Muslim youths to engage in terrorist activities" Ondieki said.