Laos: Persecuted Believers Persevere

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Christians in Laos still suffer from strict oppression of religious activity, according to recent reports, while at least one brother's Christian work is being tolerated.

For example, after two Christians conducted a funeral service for a brother who had passed away, they both were arrested on charges of "reviving Christianity" in the province and put in prison. Two women also are in prison in the same unnamed province for their faith.

Another brother, Mr. K., was arrested because he worshiped Christ and encouraged others to do so also. After being released from prison in another province late last year, he went right back to worshiping Christ in his home, despite the risk of being imprisoned again.

His persistence bore fruit when he recently baptized 20 believers. The church he began in his home was officially recognized by local Lao officials. Recently, he donated his house to the church to be used as a meeting hall, making it the first church meeting place in that province. Christians are asked to pray that God will continue to anoint this brother for leadership.