Lawyer Wants Copts Removed from Egyptian Constitutional Committee

Saturday, August 11, 2012

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

CAIRO, EGYPT (Worthy News)-- A lawyer from Alexandria has submitted a report to the public prosecutor requesting that Egypt's Copts be excluded from the committee forming the nation's new constitution.

Sherif Gadallah claimed that Orthodox Copts are not representative of Egypt's Christian population because they're not Nasara, the so-called "true" Christians of Islam's Qu'ran, a book in which the word "Christian" never appears.

Since Orthodox Copts are not Nasara, or even Christians, Gadallah said they can be counted as polytheists, which will make Copts non-representative of Egypt's Christian population.

Gadallah justified his report by the Qu'ran, which claims the prophets of Allah -- Moses,  Jesus, and Muhammad -- are all mere humans sent by God to pass his message on to creation.  But should any sect claim that their prophet is the divine "Son of God," its adherents are infidels. Since Christians believe Jesus to be the divine Son of God, they are polytheistic infidels and not the Nasara of the Qu'ran; therefore, Copts who also profess the divinity of Christ as expressed in the Trinity must be barred from having any say in Egypt's new constitution


Gadallah said that if the Grand Imam recognizes Orthodox Copts as a Christian denomination, he will also have to recognize any group claiming Muhammad is the Son of God to be Muslims, rather than the infidels they are.