Lawyers for Meriam Ibrahim Banned from Leaving Sudan

Friday, September 26, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

KHARTOUM (Worthy News)-- Sudan has banned five lawyers from leaving the country after they were accused of damaging the nation's reputation by defending Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother who was falsely accused of apostasy from Islam, according to Morning Star News.

"We have been told to give explanation to the accusations filed against us without being given enough time," said one of the defense attorneys. "We have no intention to leave the country, but it seems time has come for 'payback' for our work on Meriam's case."

The accusations are a result of Iman Hassan's letter to a Sudanese court requesting it revoke the licenses of the five lawyers who have fearlessly defended the legal rights of Christians and other minorities in Sudan.

"The five attorneys have tarnished the image of Sudan by allowing human right organizations to put pressure on the government," Hassan wrote.

Ibrahim had been sentenced to death after refusing to renounce Christ, but the sentence was revoked in June after Morning Star News broke her story, resulting in international outrage; Ibrahim was eventually permitted to leave the country in July.