Mexican Mob attacks Christians, Church

Monday, November 18, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (Worthy News)-- Traditionalist Catholics assaulted a congregation of evangelical Christians with rods and stones in Oaxaca, Mexico last week, according to Morning Star News.

The evangelicals were part of a mission from an independent Pentecostal Church.

The Traditionalists also attacked the congregation's unfinished church with sledgehammers and pick-axes; the attacks were reportedly in response to the congregation's failure to support local Catholic festivals, according to the National Commission on Human Rights.

Still following the Roman doctrines and teachings practiced prior to the Vatican II reforms, Traditionalist Catholics living in the more remote regions of Mexico have used that country's "Law of Uses and Customs" -- a law originally crafted to protect the religious rights of indigenous communities -- to force their religious rites upon minority faiths.

The battle between the Uses and Customs law and freedom of religion -- as laid out in Mexico's Constitution -- has allowed some local authorities to violate the rights of other religous communities with impunity, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.