Missionaries to the Gond People

Monday, November 24, 2003

November 24, 2003 (Gospel for Asia) -- Deep in the forests of India, there lives an illiterate, isolated people group called the Gond. They consult witch doctors and worship the gods of nature. They have never heard of Jesus.

Two native missionaries knew of a Gond village where no Christian had yet gone. Their hearts broke for these people. As soon as they graduated from Bible school, they went to share Christ in this village. However, they soon discovered the people were not interested in their message.

But the missionaries did not give up. They continued to share the Gospel and pray for the village. Then one day, they met a man who suffered from alcohol addiction and severe stomach pains. They shared the Gospel with him and prayed for him. By the grace of God, he was instantly healed! The news became the talk of the village. Sick people started coming to the missionaries for prayer and healing. Now they were listening! Soon 23 people received Jesus as Savior. For the first time in history, a church was planted in that village.