More than 150,000 People See the "Jesus" Film in Russian City

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Native Interpreter Says Enormous Crowds Were "Desperate" To See Movie On The Life Of Christ

By Michael Ireland
Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA (ANS) -- Total attendance at showings of the Jesus Film in St. Petersburg, Russia, amount to 150,000 people, according to a Russia interpreter who works with American missionaries in this city known as "The Venice of the North."

"I am excited to inform you that the 'Jesus' Film Project in St. Petersburg, Russia is bringing just great results. The last week of the showings (Oct. 12-19) was marked by enormous interest of people to the film -- during this last weekend we had crowds of people who were desperate to see the movie!" said Andrey Kovalev in an e-mail to ASSIST News Service (ANS). (Pictured: Russian interpreter Andrey Kovalev with the Jesus Film poster).

"In many places, when all the seats were occupied, the overflow people decided to stay in the aisles, on stairs and everywhere they could stay -- just to watch the film! Total attendance during the 3 weeks of showings was more than 150 000 people!!! Praise God!" Kovalev said.

"It was amazing. This week the showings will continue in few places, but in most of the sites the showings are over and we will have follow-up meetings only. Please, pray for the harvest to be kept by the churches.

"Our team made a concert last Saturday for those who attended the follow-ups. About 23 people attended and were very much blessed. We are going to continue working in that district by opening a Bible school -- right now we have about 10 people signed up for it. Yesterday our church had the first Sunday meeting in October -- the first three Sunday meetings were cancelled because of the 'Jesus' Film project -- most of our church members were busy at the showings."