Muslim Convert To Christianity Missing After Arrest

Friday, October 28, 2011

by Marshall Ramsey II, Worthy News US Correspondent

iran mapROBAT-KARIM, IRAN (Worthy News)-- A believer of Muslim Background, Fariborz Arazm, has gone missing since his arrest last week by plain clothes security officers.

According to Mohabat News, on October 17, 2011, a group of four officers engaged in a commando-style raid on the house of Mr. Arazm, arresting him, then transferring him to an unknown location. The raid took place around 7:30 in the morning local time, just before he left for work.

The officers apparently searched the house upside-down and left a mess in their wake. The plainclothes officers confiscated Mr. Arazm's computer hard disk, CDs, pictures, and a number of Bibles. His family was also threatened to remain silent and not to talk about this incident to anyone.

Article 32 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran clearly states that, "no one should be arrested, unless the legal warrant has been issued for the person. Also, the reason of the arrestment should be clearly notified to the arrestee. Accordingly, the initial case should be sent to be reviewed by the righteous judicial authorities within 24 hours. Also, the case should be processed as soon as possible."


At the same time, according to the report received by Mohabat News, another Christian by the name of "Mohammad" was arrested in another city named Shahriar. The authorities interrogated him for the charge of Christianity.

During the interrogation session, Mehdi stated that he was studying about the Christian religion. The interrogators then questioned him about his Christian faith in more detail, threatened him, and released him some hours later. This incident took place even though Article 23 of the constitution states that, "Inquisition is prohibited and no one should be harassed or interrogated because of his/her belief."

Notable here is that discrimination and persecution against the religious minorities has always been a major matter of violation of human rights situation by the Iranian regime during the past 30 years. Ahmad Shaheed, the United Nation's special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, has also mentioned this issue in his first report about the human rights situation in Iran. He indicated in his report that the religious minorities inside Iran face serious restrictions regardign their rights and religious practices.

Mr. Arazm, 44, is the father of two children. He has not been able to contact nor visit his family since the arrest. Due to the nature of the situation, Mr. Arazm's family has suffered stress and anxiety, and are also concerned for his health. No information at time of the arrest was available as to the charges, but it is now known that the reason he is under arrest is related to his Christian faith.