Muslim herders expand into Southern Nigeria

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Last week Muslim Fulani herdsmen murdered 45 Nigerians after destroying Christian properties in Enugu State.

According to International Christian Concern, Muslim herdsmen armed with AK-47 assault rifles and machetes slaughtered sleeping civilians in their homes and then set the village church afire.

Muslim herdsmen have been forcing Christian farmers from their properties in order to graze their cattle. But farmers fear that these latest attacks are part of a larger agenda to conquer the entire country, e.g., after the herdsmen took control of Ohafia in Abia State, they declared its Christian community was now part of a "Fulani Republic."

Boko Haram is suspected of acting in collaboration with Muslim Fulani herdsmen, but while Haram's jihadists get the lion's share of media coverage, Muslim herdsmen continue to destroy Nigeria's Christian farming communities.