Muslim mob attacks Christians in Gujrat, Pakistan

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

By Joseph C. DeCaro

SARGODHA, Pakistan (Worthy News)-- Muslims have reportedly attacked dozens of Christians, including one already cleared of blasphemy charges, in Punjab Province's Gujrat district.

The assault upon Tariq Gill, his father, mother and other Christians was the latest in 10 similar assaults on the Christian colony of Mohalla Kalupura, Gujrat city, since September, Reverend Suleman Nasri Khan and Bishop Shamas Pervaiz told Christian news agency Compass Direct News.

About 40 Muslims, some with assault rifles and pistols, others with axes and clubs -- beat some Christians so badly that they were left for dead, said Khan.

The Lorry Adda Police Station House Officer, inspector Riaz Qaddar, said that "no stone would be left unturned" to apprehend the gunmen, but Christians remain skeptical.

Pastor Khan led a protest at the Islamabad National Press Club with more than 250 Christians despite an attempt by Inspector Qaddar to arrest them before they arrived.

"But the invisible hand of Almighty God helped us, and we safely made it to Islamabad," Khan said. "Although the government has clamped a ban on all sorts of processions and demonstrations, we successfully staged the sit-in before National Press Club."