New Tribes Mission Venezula Forced to Relocate Personnel

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CARACAS, Venezuela (New Tribes Mission) -- In order to comply with a resolution ordering missionaries to leave tribal areas, New Tribes Mission of Venezuela has begun relocating personnel.

The relocation began Friday January 27 as part of a two-week plan, in order to complete the moves by the mid-February deadline. The resolution went into effect Nov. 14 and gave NTM of Venezuela 90 days to leave tribal areas.

The mission had been hoping the Venezuela Supreme Court would issue a stay of the order -- and the court still may -- but it was necessary to begin the relocations in order for the mission to maintain its historic adherence to the laws of the Venezuela.

It is also still possible that Venezuela's Supreme Court will annul the resolution.

In the meantime, missionaries will meet with NTM's Venezuela leadership team to discuss future ministry options.

Please continue to pray for the tribal people of Venezuela, and especially for the ones leading the tribal churches. Pray for the missionaries during this difficult transition.

New Tribes Mission of Venezuela remains confident that whatever the comes to pass, God will glorify His name.