Nigeria: Radicalized Fulani murder 80 Christians; government does nothing about “slow extermination” of Christians

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Fulani terrorists murdered at least 80 people in raids on predominantly Christian villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state on April 10, the Barnabas Fund reports. The attacks are a continuation of a 20-year-long campaign of slaughter against Nigerian Christians by Islamic terrorists, especially radicalized Fulani militants.

In addition to the 80 killings, 60 people were abducted and 115 homes were burned down during the April 10 raids, which took place in the villages of Kukawa, Kyaram, Yelwa, Dadda, Gyambawu, Dungur, Wanka, Shuwaka, Gwammadaji and Dadin Kowa in southern Plateau state.

“Hundreds of villagers fled their burning communities. A mother and her children ran through the night for five hours to reach safety in neighboring Bauchi State,” the Barnabas Fund said in its report.
Radicalized Fulani herdsmen have murdered, kidnapped, and displaced many thousands of Christians in Nigeria, and the government has done nothing to stop it.

A local Barnabas Fund contact said in a statement: “The irony here is that while the Fulani, by their nomadic lifestyle, are expected to keep moving on their migratory routes seeking pasture, it will seem that they have decided to take over Christian farming communities and settle in them.”

The source went on to echo frustration that the Fulani-led Nigerian government has done nothing to stop what he calls the targeting of Christians for “slow extermination.” The government has sought to downplay what rights groups have decried as genocide. It has worked to “deflect, deny and defend its complicity” in the killings of women and children in predominantly Christian villages in central Nigeria, the source said.

“Many [Christians] are being subjected to all sorts of abuses,” he added, “especially rape by the Islamist Fulani militias who use it as a weapon.