Nigeria: Six more Christians murdered by Fulani jihadists

Thursday, October 7, 2021

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Fulani jihadist herdsmen are continuing their slaughter of believers in Nigeria, killing six more Christians in Plateau state between October 1-5, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Rights group Open Doors recently reported Nigeria as having the highest numbers of Christians murdered on account of their faith; the international community has largely remained silent.

Fulani jihadist herdsmen are now the fourth most dangerous terror group in the world, and they pose a particular threat to Christians in Nigeria. For years now these Muslim extremists have murdered, wounded, and abducted Christians, burning down their homes and driving them off their farmlands. Tragically, the Nigerian government has sought to downplay the severity of the situation, depicting it in terms of a squabble over land rights. However, as jihadists, these Fulanis are bent on establishing an Islamic caliphate and are determined to crush Christianity.

During the deadly attacks which took place against two Christian communities between October 1-5, Fulani herdsmen destroyed more than thirteen hectares of farmland worth millions of naira, including eight hectares of farmland sponsored by ICC, International Christian Concern reports.

“I received a distress call from the local zone chairman that, while they were in their place of worship that morning, it came to their notice that Fulani pushed their herds on the farm and grazed eight hectares of soybean crop,” ICC farm manager Paul said in a statement. “I assessed what happened to be deliberate, because if it was not well planned it would have been impossible to destroy eight hectares of farmland within that short of a period.”

In a separate statement, a Christian leader described to ICC what happened during the attack on his community: “The attackers came during our church service. They grazed their cattle inside our farms, including the community farm. Three of our vigilantes went to stop them without knowing that the attackers came with sophisticated weapons. Sadly, three of the vigilantes who guard the farm paid the price of becoming Christians and were killed that day.”