North Korea Denies Persecution of Christians

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - When an editor asked about the persecution of Christians inside the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a spokesman for the regime said his question was "absolutely false".

According to Barnabas Aid, Alejandro Cao -- the Special Delegate of North Korea’s Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries -- publically denied that Christians are being persecuted under Kim Jong Un's communist regime. But as many as 100,000 Christians are estimated to be held in North Korean labor camps where they are frequently subjected to torture and are even executed for their faith because the DPRK views Christianity as a threat to "Juche": the regime's official ideology that demands dependence on the absolute leadership of the ruling member of the Kim family.

North Korea controls almost every aspect of the life of its citizens; its population has no access to foreign literature or media and all communications are strictly monitored. The regime also encourages spying on one’s neighbors and denouncing one's parents.

Barnabas Fund has placed North Korea in the top tier of countries that persecute Christians.

North Korea has a population of about 25 million, but harsh living conditions, repression and persecution have caused many of its citizens to flee the country.