Orissa Government Officials Cancel Church Construction

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

india mapORISSA, INDIA (Worthy News)-- Christians who were recently relocated to Nandagiri have been ordered to suspend construction of their small church to satisfy the region's radical Hindus.

The survivors of the anti-Christian pogroms in Orissa were given verbal assurances by the governemnt that they would receive land for a new church, but in August, local Christian leader Krisant Mallick was ordered in writing by local officals to vacate the land and demolish the church within 30 days.

The Global Council of Indian Christians complained to the Supreme Court that the conduct of the Orissa government is an attack on all citizens who believe in Jesus Christ in India.

"These are dramatic times for the Christians of Kandhamal as we draw near to the third anniversary of the pogrom in Orissa, which occurred with the complicity of the authorities," said GCIC president Sajan George. "We call on the Chief Minister not to repeat the mistakes made in these three years ... during which the administration has not protected the victims and their property, has delayed the delivery of compensation and left the witnesses of the pogroms defenceless in the face of the death threats of the Hindu extremists."