Pakistan: Over 100 Christians Arrested and Tortured Following Lynching of Two Muslims

Thursday, April 16, 2015

(Worthy News)-- As over 100 Pakistani Christians were arrested in mid-March following the lynching of two Muslim men wrongly thought to be involved in two earlier church bombings that killed 17, some 30 prisoners have been released and show clear signs of being abused and tortured by the police, the Christian Post reported.

International Christian Concern, a leading Christian persecution watchdog and advocacy organization, announced at a Tuesday press conference held to discuss the rise of Christian persecution in Pakistan, that 30 of the 111 Christian men and boys detained by police in the Lahore suburb of Youhanabad following the lynching have been released from jail.

With their release, it has come to light that those imprisoned in connection to the lynchings were subject to torture and merciless beatings by police officers in an attempt to extract confessions out of them. --Source