Pakistan persecution: Christian woman abducted, raped, beaten by Islamic attackers; “Please Pray”

Monday, June 7, 2021

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - A Christian woman in Pakistan was abducted on April 1 by Muslim men who drugged, beat, and raped her during the 20 days they held her captive, International Christian Concern reports. Pakistan ranks 5 on the US Open Doors watch list of 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted; Christian girls and women are frequently abducted and murdered with no action being taken against the perpetrators.

A resident in the village of Sahoo Ki Malian, Venus Bibi Masih was out shopping when she was accosted by a group of Muslim men who told her to get in a waiting car, ICC said. According to her husband Warris Masih, Venus Bibi was abducted in an attack organized by Muslim Muhamad Akbar, a local resident; Akbar is believed to have previously abducted a Christian woman but was never charged because of his wealth and influence.

Warris reported his wife’s abduction to police, naming Akbar as the suspect, ICC said. Warris had to repeatedly plead for the police to take action but they did eventually force Akbar to release her: Venus Bibi was found abandoned on a roadside near her village and unable to walk.

In a statement received by ICC, Warris said: “We are poor and Christian therefore the police are not taking any action against the abductor, and because he has heavily bribed the police. But I want justice for my wife. I want all the kidnappers arrested and punished for their crimes so they can stop kidnapping more Christian women.”

ICC has asked for prayer: “Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and for the Lord to strengthen the church amidst persecution. Please also pray for Venus Bibi and the millions like her who have survived such attacks, that the Lord will heal her of her trauma and provide comfort and love to her and her family.”