Private Christians across China to face public persecution

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

map-chinaBEIJING, CHINA (Worthy News)-- Thousands of Christians who worship in private "underground" churches across China are now facing public persecution, according to International Christian Concern.

Last week, China's Communist Party banned any publication of the schedule for Shouwang Church's outdoor services. While Shouwang has been a target of the Communists for years, this latest move is just part of a wider crackdown on dissidents since Xi Jinping first came to power in 2012.

After its eviction, the Shouwang Church has openly posted both its outdoor services and its objections to the treatment given it by local authorities.

Denied the required permits to build a church, or even rent another building, Shouwang has held outdoor worship services. The Church has conducted almost 200 such services regardless of the weather and despite official restrictions on their public activities.

But after the sudden demolition of the state sanctioned Sanjiang Christian Church in Wenzhou by Chinese authorities, Xi Jinping's new regime is now targeting any organization it perceives as a threat to Chinese Communist Party policy.