Saudi Arabia Prosecutes Ex-Muslim For Christian Conversion; Wife Kidnapped

Thursday, May 20, 2021

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

(Worthy News) - A Saudi man who abandoned Islam and turned to faith in Christ has a court hearing in Saudi Arabia while his wife is pressured to leave him, Christians told Worthy News.

The man, named "A," meets a court on May 30 after openly speaking about his Christian conversion and helping his Christian sister flee Saudi Arabia.

Supporters say “frivolous” theft charges were dropped in April, but he still endures court challenges related to his Christian activities in the Islamic nation.

He could face a lengthy prison term and floggings under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic laws, Worthy News learned.

Amid the legal wrangling, the convert's wife was “forcefully seized” by her family members, said Christians closely following the case.

She reportedly was tricked into traveling to her family’s home on May 5 after being told that her mother was ill.

Her relatives didn’t allow her to leave, saying her husband would be sent to prison and that it would be better for her to divorce him and stay with them, Christians said.

Christians asked prayers for both A and his wife and that their family members and relatives would become Christians. Their troubles underscore broader international concerns about the plight of Christian converts in the country.

Despite the reported persecution, the small number of Saudi Christians has been slowly increasing, according to advocacy groups. “They are becoming bolder, sharing their faith with others on the Internet and Christian satellite TV channels,” noted advocacy group Open Doors. “Such public action has led to serious repercussions from Saudi families and authorities.”

There are some 1.2 million Christians among Saudi Arabia’s mainly Muslim population of some 35- million people, according to Open Doors estimates.