Scores Killed in Fresh Boko Haram Attacks

Thursday, June 5, 2014

ABUJA, NIGERIA (Worthy News)-- Heavily armed Boko Haram militants dressed as soldiers shepherded Christians into a church apparently hiding for their safety before being slaughtered in the latest of fresh attacks in the northeastern Borno state of Nigeria.

At least six raids took place across northern Nigeria on Monday and Tuesday.

Scores of residents were killed by militants, said Peter Biye told CNN, a lawmaker who serves in the Nigerian lower parliament.

"We are still trying to compile a toll of the dead as people on the ground are still counting the number of casualties," said Biye.

Soldiers have been deployed to fight the Islamists who have taken control of at least seven villages, the lawmaker said.

In the predominately Christian village of Attagara, militants set fire to homes, a church and killed at least a dozen people, residents said.

With no communication in the region because of the destruction of mobile phone towers by militant groups, news of attacks and verification of death tolls have been difficult to obtain.