Sudanese Bombs Kill Nuba Mountain Christian

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

Last month, the Sudanese Air Force had bombed civilian targets in South Kordofan state, killing at least one Christian while damaging the region's only hospital as well as a school and a relief agency, according to Morning Star News.

Sife El Deen Ibrahim was killed when an aerial bomb hit his home In Umserdba; he left behind a widow and four children.

"My uncle was cruelly killed and this is a great loss, but we will see him in Heaven with Jesus," Ibrahim's 25-year-old nephew told Morning Star News.

Earlier in May, the Sudanese Air Force bombed the the only hospital in South Kordofan, frightening the patients and staff at Mother of Mercy Hospital. It was the first time that Sudan's Air Force had attacked a hospital since hostilities began.

Built to hold 80 patients, Mother of Mercy has been treating about 400 since the conflict began. But the bombings have forced its patients to leave the hospital during daylight and return at night.

Sudan has bombed houses, schools, churches, mosques and marketplaces, but in Kauda its jets attacked the Nuba Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Organization, the only organization that provided supplies and support for people in South Kordofan suffering from Sudan's aerial attacks.

Then on Thursday, Sudan's aerial bombs destroyed a school for orphans.

Since South Sudan split from Sudan in a 2011 referendum, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said Sudan would become exclusively Islamic in religion and Arabic in culture.

Nubans in Sudan's South Kordofan believe the government's bombings are meant to rid the region of Christians.